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Salem Regional Medical Center (SRMC) is proud to be affiliated with over 130 primary care physicians and specialists who support our mission of providing high quality medical care to the communities we serve.

2018 Medical Staff Officers:

Meredythe A. McNally, M.D.
Chief of Staff

Richard W. Beatty, M.D.
Vice Chief of Staff

Jonathan V. Pulido, M.D.

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Call our Physician Referral Line at 330-332-7213

What is the SRMC Medical Group?

The SRMC Medical Group is made up of Primary and Specialty Care offices affiliated with Salem Regional Medical Center. With convenient office locations to better serve our communities and provide a close to home option for all your healthcare needs.

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You can use the dropdown menus to sort Providers by Specialty and Location or you can simply type in a Provider's Name, Specialty, or Location in the provided text box. If you need additional assistance finding a Provider, please call SRMC's Medical Staff Office at 330-332-7213.
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Richard W. Beatty, M.D.

1995 East State Street
Salem, Ohio 44460

330-332-7524 for billing.
330-332-7213 all other inquiries.Link to "current" page
Athena Beis, M.D., CWSP
Internal Medicine
Wound Care

1995 East State Street
Salem, Ohio 44460

Link to "current" page
Lisa A. Bennett, M.D.
Emergency Medicine

1995 East State Street
Salem, Ohio 44460

Link to "current" page
David M. Bishop

440 East State Street
Alliance, Ohio 44601


295 North Ellsworth Avenue
Salem, Ohio 44460

330-332-5750Link to "current" page
Bradford T. Black, M.D.

885 S. Sawburg Avenue, Suite 105
Alliance, Ohio 44601

Link to "current" page
Gregory A. Blasko, D.P.M.

2380 Southeast Boulevard, Suite A
Salem, Ohio 44460


3262 Center Road, Suite A
Poland, Ohio 44514

330-707-1220Link to "current" page
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